Ask your questions: It has been done before – Publicly funded OER for schools in Norway – an open access study with the team from

The purpose of this post is to open up research to an earlier stage of the research process and not until the results are available. Therefore, I would like to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions and raise issues which are of interest to them in connection with the Norwegian OER platform NDLA.
Questions can be asked here, by mail ( or via

In the following, there is more information about the respondents and the project’s objective.
With the „Nasjonal digital læringsarena“ (NDLA), a platform has been in existence for ten years, which is funded by the local authorities and deals with the development of open educational ressources.
In March 2017, I have the opportunity to do in-person interviews with’s team and some cooperation partners:

    Øivind Høines (NDLA, Director and Editor)
    Pål Frønsdal (NDLA, production manager)
    Anne Høgestøl (NDLA, administration Director)
    John Eide (NDLA, Board of directors)
    Christer Gundersen (NDLA, Technical leader)
    Knut Inge Skifjeld (NDLA, Leader of Exploring)
    Cecilie Eftedal (NDLA, Head of Use)
    Ragna Tørdal (NDLA,Director Professional Development )
    Johannes Leiknes Nag (NDLA, Head of Guidance and Support)
    Leonhard Vårdal NDLA, Educational leader)
    Tommy Nordeng from Cerpus, Developement partner of NDLA
    Svein-Tore With from Joubel, Developement partner of NDLA
    Anders Skogvold, Norwegian Publishers Union
    Bjorn Simonsen, Kommune Forlaget (cooperating Publisher)

The extensive experience of the employees of the Norwegian project NDLA in the area of municipally financed OER can be systematically documented via the research project and will be made available to the OER community as well as the educational administrations.

The attached mindmap presents an overview of the topics that are going to be discussed.